Working in a tactile weaving environment, Karen’s love of fibre, yarns textures and patterns can easily be observed and felt in her woven items – fine, luxurious cashmere is woven into scarves and shawls. Cotton and silk may be in the vests, tunics, scarves and/or shawls. Warm merino and other wool is used for cozy ponchos, jackets, scarves, shawls, throws and/or blankets. Soft cotton is used for durable baby blankets, scarves or other products.  Beautiful overshot table runners are woven from a combination of cotton and/or linen and/or wool.

Check out some of the Loomination creations available at Craft NB.

Karen has been creating small hand-stitched horses and hearts out of repurposed tartan kilts, tweed jackets and “fancy” found fabrics. “Carousel” horses are created with wood dowels and placed on a stand while hanging horses can hang on a tree or in your window. Karen creates small heart pins out of the tartan and tweed fabrics. Large hanging hearts are created for trees or to hang in your window or on your door.

Check out these products woven by Karen in her weaving studio: elegant shawls, exquisite scarves, fringe vests, jackets, ponchos, table runners, baby blankets, cards, heart pins, carousel horses, heart and horse ornaments, and other items.