The Loominations Weaving Studio and Gallery is hosted by Karen and Eric LeBlanc and is located on the north side of the beautiful Saint John River (Wolastoq). It features exquisite handwoven scarves, shawls, tunics, capelets and other items designed and woven by artist Karen LeBlanc. Many creations are for sale, and many more provide a rich tactile environment inviting you to touch the products and to feel the fibres – cashmere, silk, alpaca, merino, cottons, and more.

The pleasure of experiencing the creations is obviously limited during these times but we’re moving many things online so that you can see and experience some of the wonderful creations we have. We hope to be able to announce soon that this unique tactile experience is available once again.

You can also see some of Karen’s creation that are available to buy through Craft NB.

Until then, our online gallery provides a glimpse of a wide selection of products that have been created, and some that for sale. Elegant handwoven shawls, exquisite scarves. tunics, jackets, fringe vests, ponchos, jacquard hangings, table runners, baby blankets, cards, heart pins, carousel horses, heart and horse ornaments, and many more items are available for sale. Beautiful yarns from FleeceArtist and HandMaiden are available as well for fibre artists!

Tartans and Textiles

Karen makes several different types of items suitable for hanging in windows and doors or even on trees. Small hand-stitched horses and hearts made out of repurposed tartan kilts, tweed jackets and “fancy” found fabrics. “Carousel” horses are created with wood dowels and placed on a stand while hanging horses can hang on a tree or in your window. Karen creates small heart pins out of the tartan and tweed fabrics. Large hanging hearts are created for trees or to hang in your window or on your door.

Weaving and Wearables

Karen makes wearable items such as shawls, scarves, ponchos, jackets, vests and more.

Midnight Lights Jacket
Midnight Lights Jacket

Tapestries and Jacquard

Over the years, Karen’s weaving has evolved from basic weave structures to traditional weave structures such as beautiful overshot coverlets to tapestries to exploring weave structures and patterns on a Jacquard loom. She has created an “ageing and weathering” series of Jacquard pieces that were included in several exhibitions.