Chili Overshot Hanging

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Overshot is a traditional form of weaving used to create coverlets for beds and is therefore perfect for Craft Year 2020! In overshot designs, two wefts are used “? one for the tabby weave and one for the pattern weave. For the Overshot with a Chili Chocolate Twist Hanging, I hand-dyed a single-ply wool yarn in shades of brown with a hint of chili red/burgundy. Once the wool was dyed, I selected the chocolate brown warp and then a very traditional overshot pattern: “?Lucile”?s Pattern”? from “?A Handweaver”?s Pattern Book.”? I love the various tones of the hand-dyed yarn as it changes throughout the piece. The bottom of the hanging is fringed with wooden beads in natural, red, gold and black.

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Dimensions 29 × 57 cm


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