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    Faithful Tractor – Jacquard Weaving

    An image of a tractor was woven on a Jacquard loom, stretched over a wooden frame and then the tractor was painted with red textile paint. A farmer’s best friend – the practical, reliable tractor… all work and no play. On a tractor, the only “play” is in the steering – driving through field or parking the tractor in a barn or shed.  Tractors age as farmers and people age.  This tractor – circa 1940’s – was anticipating the farmer’s arrival. Waiting to go to the field to do a good day’s work. The tractor had been red, and was rusty from years of neglect. It continued to sit proudly in front…

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    Fredericton Arts Alliance Residency July 18-24 2022

    I’m so excited to be doing a Fredericton Arts Alliance “virtual” Residency from July 18 to 24. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening, but watch @Loominations1, @fredartsalliance and more! I’ll do a pop-up somewhere in Fredericton and demonstrate what I’m working on now and I’ll bring some past samples. I’ll also have some “Hang-a-Heart” hearts to give away.

  • Sage Green Silk Cowl with Beaded Fringe

    New Cowls with Beaded Fringes

    Check out the new line of my very versatile handwoven cowls that feature a beaded fringe! These are lightweight, adjustable and super fun to wear in at least three different styles (see images below)! You can dress them up… they’ll look fabulous as an elegant neckpiece for a night out! Or you can dress them down with jeans! They are woven on a beautiful pastel cotton warp and the weft varies – from silk to cashmere to silk and wool. The fringe is twisted and then beads are added to each little fringe. There are 40-50 fringed pieces on each cowl, each with a bead. These beauties are $75-$95 each.